Big Big Pan

offers 50% Discount on ASIAN FUSION Potato Pork Back Bone Stew

2445 Noreiga St,
San Francisco, CA 94122

Spare with Cheese

Big Big Pan offer 50% Discount on ASIAN FUSION Potato Pork Back Bone Stew.

Asian Fusion Potato Pork Ribs

San Francisco is a huge city full of incredible eateries, marketplaces and fine dining establishments, which can make it difficult to decide where and what to eat. However, San Francisco is also famous for its pockets of cultural diversity, translating to hundreds of restaurants that serve the traditional food of countries all over the world. But, if you’re looking for a fun, sit down restaurant with delicious Korean Asian Fusion food, Big Big Pan should be the stop at the top of your list.

Big Big Pan Bar Counter
Big Big Pan Bar Counter
Sparerib with-cheese
Big Big Pan is a Korean, Asian Fusion restaurant located at 2445 Noriega Street between 31st and 32nd Street. It’s a very popular dinner restaurant, as its operating hours are from 6 PM to 1 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and 6 PM to 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Though it is only open during dinner hours, many customers rave about the dinner options and the various cocktails and drink specials that Big Big Pan has to offer. The meals come in huge portions with plenty of sharing opportunities whether you are with a group of people or just a few. It’s also a great place to bring families and children as well as large parties. It is advised that during the restaurant’s busier hours, it’s always best to make reservations as it does a lot of business in the evenings hours and walk-in guests may end up having wait for a table. However, if you prefer to walk in, any potential wait would certainly be worth it.

Customers dining
Egg and Beef

The cuisine is heavily influenced by traditional Korean food but has a bit of Asian Fusion flair, in addition to some classic street food favorites. The restaurant also features a beer tower and a multitude of fun and refreshing drinks. Customers love the upside-down bottles pouring into classics like the pineapple soju-rita, the blue lychee rita and the mango rita.

Fried Rice
Fried Sparerib

As mentioned before, the food comes in huge servings. Some of the more popular dishes are the cheesy ribs, bibimbap and the kimchi fried rice. In addition to great food, the service staff is friendly and very helpful in answering any questions about the food and menu items.

Korean Style Student Lunch Box
Seafood combo

Deciding where to eat in San Francisco can be a tough decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Big Big Pan is the perfect place to go with friends or with a special someone, so stop by and give it a try.

Sparerib with Cheese

Big Big Pan Korean Restaurant

2445 Noreiga St

San Francisco, CA 94122


Sun-Thurs 6:00PM-1:00AM

Fri-Sat 6:00PM-2:00AM