Cheung Hing Restaurant

Cheung Hing offers 50% discount on Hong Kong Style BBQ duck in both South San Francisco branch and Millbrae branch. 

BBQ Roast Duck

South San Francisco can often seem pretty big when you’re on the hunt for a good meal at a reasonable price. With so many different restaurant options, deciding what to eat and narrowing down your choices can become a massive hassle. Not to mention, if you’re out with a large group or are out with your children, finding an eatery with appropriate accommodations may present a challenge. That’s why knowing where the best local food stops are can help you out if you’re in a pinch. So, the next time you’re in South San Francisco, you should consider giving Cheung Hing Seafood Restaurant a go.

Cheung Hing Restaurant Front Door

This local delight is located at 333 Grand Avenue in South San Francisco and offers both street parking and bicycle parking. Additionally, because it’s in the middle of a city, Cheung Hing offers the convenience of walking to and from the restaurant. It’s a great option for both lunch and dinner as it’s weekly hours are from 10 am – 10 pm Monday through Sunday.

Seafood Noodle
The cuisine features many seafood dishes and also operates with an in-house BBQ butcher, meaning that customers can get cuts of fantastic BBQ meats fresh with their meals. Patrons rave about the BBQ pork and BBQ duck menu options and the restaurant also offers BBQ combo plates. They also offer a good amount of hot pot selections and a multitude of other traditional Chinese cuisine favorites including wonton soup, tasty fried rice and crispy fried noodles.
Hong Kong Style BBQ Roast Duck

Like mentioned earlier, the restaurant has in conjoined with a BBQ butcher counter, where patrons can take fresh cut meats to go, including duck and pork. However, the standard restaurant operates on waiter service. The staff are friendly and happy to help answer any questions about the food.

BBQ butcher counter
Cheung Hing is a great restaurant for eating in, but it also offers takeout options and even catering. Or, if you’re in the mood to have food delivered, Cheung Hing prides itself on speedy, inexpensive delivery.
South San Francisco has a wealth of fantastic restaurants so choosing where to eat can be a difficult decision. But, if you’re in the mood for some classic Chinese food or some delicious barbeque, Cheung Hing Seafood Restaurant should be at the top of your list.

Cheung Hing BBQ Restaurant

333 Grand Ave

South San Francisco CA 94080


10AM – 10PM