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Pho The Gioi Inc
Filling Bean Sprout Over Noodle Soup

Traditional Vietnamese restaurant has been gaining in popularity within recent years as more and more of the American public realizes how delicious dishes like pho can be. In a big city like San Francisco, finding quality and dependable pho restaurants can lead you down many dead ends. But, instead of searching the city, hoping for the best and coming up short, finding top notch recommendations from gourmet navigation sources can narrow down your search to only the best of the best. This time, that recommendation comes in the form of a stellar pho restaurant by the name of Pho The Gioi.

Bean Sprout Over Seafood Rice Noodle

Bean Sprout Over Seafood Rice Noodle

Pho The Gigi

Friendly Vietnamese Restaurant in your neighbourhood

Located in the lovely South San Francisco area, Pho The Gioi can be found at 2239 Gellert Boulevard and can be reached at either their phone number, (650) 754 – 1888, or their website, If you’re concerned about finding parking, they also have a private lot and are accessible via bicycle as well as via foot should you be within walking distance of the restaurant. This is a great place to eat whether it’s for lunch or dinner as they have hours every day of the week. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays they are open from 10am – 9pm, and Fridays and Saturdays they extend their hours from 10am – 10pm, giving you plenty of time to stop in for a delicious meal.

Inside Pho The Gigi Vietnamese Restaurant

While Pho The Gioi does not cater or do delivery, it is still a great sit-down restaurant. The atmosphere is very casual and friendly and the restaurant operates through waiter service. The food is served very quickly and all pho dishes come with additional mint leaves, bean sprouts, raw jalapenos and cilantro for extra seasonings.

Vietnamese style Sausage Special Rice

You even have the option to select certain noodle types when deciding what kind of pho you’re in the mood for. Additionally, the food is relatively inexpensive and the portions are huge, meaning that you’ll likely be able to take some to go for a later meal. The staff is also incredibly friendly and is very helpful in describing what comes with each dish. The restaurant can get busy during lunch hours but whatever small wait you may encounter is well worth it for the delicious food.

Vietnamese style Special Beef Noodle

Whether you’re in the mood for something new, or are a veteran pho lover, it can be difficult to find a good restaurant with reasonable prices and good portions. But, if you’re in the South San Francisco area, Pho The Gioi is your one stop shop for some of the best pho in San Francisco.

Pho The Gioi, Inc

2239 Gellert Blvd

Daly City, CA 94015