Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant

Offer 50% discount on Peking Duck

950 King Dr #100,
Daly City, CA 94015

Tai Yuan Restaurant

Peking Duck is one of the famous gourmet dishes in Chinese cooking. You can find Peking Duck with 50% discount in Daly City of San Francisco Bay Area. The 50% discount offer is for weekday dinner and one order per table only. The offer will be expired on August 15, 2017.

Peking Duck with 50% Discount Offer from Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant

北京烤鴨(又稱北京填鴨, 北京片皮鴨)是具有世界聲譽的北京著名菜式,用料為優質肉食鴨,果木炭火烤製,色澤紅潤,肉質肥而不膩。

Peking Duck served with Steamed Bun, Hoisin Sauce and green onion.

Best way to eat Peking Duck

The best way to eat Peking Duck is with Steamed Bun, Hoisin sauce, and green onion. In some of the high-end restaurants, they will have Chef to demonstrate to cut the duck in front of customers as an entertainment.

一般食法是把鴨肉夾着蔥,配以黃瓜和甜豆醬,把餡料捲繞在煎餅或蒸飽上吃。 有時蘿蔔也在裡面,其他醬汁(如海鮮醬)也可以使用。

Chef cuts skin from Peking Duck.

The skin of the duck is crisp and tasty. Usually, the duck skin and meat are served seperately.   師傅把鴨片皮上桌。

Chinese dunsyn Siumai Dumpling

Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant also serves Chinese dim sum during the lunch hours. They carry the complete list of Chinese dim sum including famous Siu Mai and Shrimp dumpling. The lunch hours are always packed with customers to try out the Yum Cha and dim sum.  When you come to Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant to eat, you must try their yummy dessert and I like the egg tart the most.

Egg Tart Dessert

You can’t miss the egg tart and crispy skin cover bun. Both of them taste just excellent.

Crispy Cover Bun
Dining Room In Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant

Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant is located at 950 King Dr #100 in Daly City and their business hours are 11:00 am – 9:30 pm.  If you want to come to Yum Cha on Sunday, you may need to line up for few moment before you will get the seat. Besides the main dining room, Tai Yuan Seafood Restaurant also has VIP room which can accommodate smaller party together with Karaoke service.

Tai Yuan Restaurant

950 King Dr #100

Daly City CA 94015


11:00am – 9:30pm