We bring customers to you

We promote your business through social media. Free 3 Months Trial

Free advertising for Restaurant owners

Bring more customers through your doors with help from Gourmet GPS. We will promote your business online through social media. In exchange, the restaurant will offer a meal with a discount to Gourmet GPS users. Advertising and promotion are free for restaurants for three months.

Cutting Onion

Prime Advertising Program

After the free three months period, you can choose to purchase the Prime Advertising Program which will include video taping and promotion in Apple TV and Roku Streaming TV.
Promote your business through an online video showing potential customers the restaurant, the specialty foods and the preparation of the delicacies.

We Bring Customers to you

By advertising with Gourmet GPS and offering discounted meals, customers are predisposed to feel favorable toward your restaurant because of the savings. To receive three months of free advertising all you need do is offer a dish at a discount. Growing your business begins with Gourmet GPS.

Social Media Marketing is the most effective way to bring more customers to you. 

Facebook promtion with iPad to bring more customers to your business

We promote your business to bring more customers in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. We invite customers to participate in all forms of marketing campaign.

We help you to reach new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones with a strong social media presence.

TV media promotion

Bring More Customers To You By Promoting In Streaming TV

By offering the discount of your dish, Gourmet GPS will promote your business in social medias including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus for free.

The free advertising program includes blog page which is promoted in in Gourmet GPS website as well as the most famous social media platform.You can just simply download Gourmet GPS App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to register. By offering a discount on your selected dish. Gourmet GPS will do the promotion for you with the period of three months. When three months time will mature, you can change the discount dish and Gourmet GPS will offer free advertising program again.

Gourmet GPS App Merchant promotion will bring more customers into your restaurant. When you log in as the merchant, you will find a scanner in the App. You can use the scanner to scan the QR code of Gourmet GPS member to keep track of a number of users brought by the promotion program.

Gourmet GPS also offers professional video taping service and broadcast those videos in Apple TV and Roku Streaming TV at very reasonable cost.

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How much should I pay for the advertising promotion program?

No. There is no charge for the Gourmet GPS advertising promotion program.

What is the meaning of the free 3 months promotion period?

We set each Gourmet GPS promotion program period for three months. During this period of time, we’ll promote your discount dish in social media in order to bring more customers to you for free.

What kind of information or material should I provide to join the Gourmet GPS advertising promotion program for free?

You should fill out the form with complete information of your restaurant as well as at least six images with the resolution not less than 1280×720.

I can see some of the restaurants having video with their promotion. Is the free promtion program including video too?

No. The free advertising promotion program will not include the video service.